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We are dedicated to providing the best information on all of the many types of jewelry. As well as the serious stuff filled with useful and interesting facts, we also like to have some fun and make lists of our favourite pieces of jewelry available on the internet.

Did you know?: Diamond is the only gemstone harder than Ruby

Our page dedicated to ruby jewelry covers the topics of ruby enhancement, white gold bands, how to measure quality, the standard costs, and everything else you might need to know when purchasing ruby jewelry.

Did you know?: Emerald is the birthstone of May

Emeralds are one of our favourite gemstones, so of course we’ve got some great info for you to read regarding emerald jewelry.

Did you know?: The majority of Opals come from Australia

Opals are always a very popular jewelry choice. They can look significantly different depending on the type of opal you have. Check out our page on opal jewelry to learn about the different types of opal and the different styles of the jewelry.

Did you know?: Amethyst was believed to prevent intoxication by the ancient Greeks

They were very hopeful weren’t they? We suggest buying yourself a nice piece of amethyst jewelry and testing the theory out for yourself!

Did you know?: Buying custom made jewelry is often cheaper than the pre-made equivalent

Everyone loves the opportunity to buy custom jewelry, as it’s extra nice to have jewelry that is unique and special to you. For some tips on purchasing custom jewelry online including some of our artist recommendations, check out the custom page.